Installation Spotlight: Attic Makeover

Installation Spotlight: Attic Makeover

Have you ever considered the untapped potential of your attic space?

Attics are often neglected spaces, used mostly for storage. However with some creative vision and touch of renovation, your attic can be transformed into a functional and stylish living area.

One of the simplest yet most impactful ways to revamp your attic is by installing new carpet. We are highlighting our recent wall-to-wall carpet installation for our clients in Mamaroneck, NY!

Carpet Time Installation Before Photo
Attic Pre Renovation

While looking into carpet options for our client we took into consideration how the space was going to be used.

Our clients planned to renovate and use the attic as an extra play space for their grandkids and an extra bedroom suite for out of town family and guests.

Additionally, even though there are two windows, they wanted a lighter carpet color since natural light was limited. With this in mind, it helped determine a low pile multi tone nylon textured carpet.

Attic Carpet Installation Carpet Time Nyc
Carpet Time mechanics (Eric and Niko) laying down new 32oz performer padding.

Fetch by Anderson Tuftex is part of their Pet Perfect™ carpet collections and 100% solution dyed Anso® nylon. Translation: This carpet is made for an active home with kids, easy to clean, resists pet hair and fading. Available in twelve colors, the winner for this installation was color Briarwood.

Attic Makeover Carpet Time Nyc
Post Renovation + New Carpet Installation

The overall width of the attic was wider than the carpet roll. We reviewed the seam placement with our client so they understood the final outcome and installation process.

Ny Attic Makeover Carpet Time Nyc
Post Renovation + New Carpet Installation

The same Fetch carpet was installed on the steps leading up to the attic. Fetch is a great carpet for steps due to construction, fiber, and multi color tone.

Before And After Stair Runner Installation
Scout loves the new carpet! Go Fetch!

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